Jobs to do (demo)

Create an Android app

I am looking for a webview Android app for my website. I want all the webpage functionality to work properly and for the user experience to stay the same as the website.

$10 an hour Posted by Caroline Johnson
Machine learning engineer

We want a machine learning engineer to create an algorithm to recommend products to users on our website. The algorithm should be quick and not take up too much processing power from the CPU.

$50 Posted by Madeline Conrad
Nodejs backend

We want a Nodejs backend to handle our online business. We want the backend to interact with a mongodb database and use the Express.js framework. The backend should be quick to deliver the html pages and have good redundancy.

$50 Posted by Jerry Linen
Windows application

We want to create a windows specific appplication that can let customers order products from the app. The applications should be able to interact with a backend flawlessly.

$20 an hour Posted by Kyle Smith
Blockchain engineer

We want a hard fork of the Bitcoin blockchain with privacy aspects integrated into the blockchain. The blockchain needs to be faster and handle more transactions then the current Bitcoin blockchain. We will also need a custom CLI wallet that can connect to a remote node.

$15 an hour Posted by Todd Jones
Create a webpage

We want a webpage for our small business to help promote us and put us out there. We want the webpage to use the latest standards including HTML5 and CSS3. We also want the webpage to use Jquery and Reactjs to give the site some life to it.

$20 Posted by Joe Brown